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Ice, Sea, Dead People / Council Tax Band - Split 7"


Two of Bedford's best and stupidly named bands unite!

Our boys Ice, Sea, Dead People bring Council Tax Band kicking and screaming out of the womb, faces-full of placenta, guitar strings still thickly coated in blood, for their first ever release.

Ice, Sea, Dead People
1. Accept the Mystery
2. I Made A Bomb (Coachwhips)

Council Tax Band
1. The Bigger the Budget
2. We're All in This Together

Release date: October 14, 2013.

Pre-orders will be sent out a week before release date.

ISDP art by Rowan M.
Council Tax Band art by Laura Simmons

Press for ISDP's 'Accept the Mystery':
"The brilliantly horrible spindly riff tripping over pummelled drums on 'Accept The Mystery' is a highlight. Ice, Sea, Dead People's second album is overloaded with malevolent guitars, silly screamed lyrics and impatient thrills. Such qualities are nothing without good ideas, and ISDP have plenty."
— NME, 8/10 Album Review

"'Accept The Mystery' has a bass line that rolls all over the top of the band, like an an enormous, frisky cat."
— The Line of Best Fit

"Accept the Mystery and its off-kilter drumming is also another highlight – tight, squealing guitar lines hold together the ramshackle percussion and the stuttering, spoken-word vocals."
— Keep it Fast