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Ice, Sea, Dead People - If It's Broken Break It More CD


Recorded live on to tape by parents of noise, Tim Cedar (Part Chimp) and Patrick Constable (Selfish C*nt) at Dropout Studios, 'If It's Broken…' explodes the ideas from London-based Ice, Sea, Dead People's debut 'Teeth Union' and brings the band's ferocious energy to a confident new level.

Nadine Dorries-bothering artwork by Craig Sharp and Andy Holden. Printed using the brightest Pantone colours known to man and finished with "super gloss", these CDs look good enough to lick!!!

"Overloaded with malevolent guitars, silly screamed lyrics and mild fury. Such qualities are nothing without good ideas, and ISDP have plenty."
— NME (8/10), Read Review

"Unsettling and jarring, but also utterly compelling."
— Kerrang!, Read Review

"Irresistably catchy to those of a Dischord post-hardcore/punk disposition. All of which makes this pretty flipping special."
— Rock Sound, Read Review

"This lot remind you of the disillusioned, struggling but surviving under a Tory government dictatorship thirty-five years ago, nowhere to go, no hope, no future – sound familiar? This is punk rock for 2013."
— Louder than War, Read Review

1. Diamond Swords
2. Ultra Silence
3. I Found A Way
4. Styes in my Eyes
5. Accept the Mystery
6. You Could Be A Model
7. Pro Life, Forever
8. Apropos
9. If It's Broken
10. We Don't Want to Give You That

Available digitally at the Lost Toys Bandcamp page for £5, if you choose to live your life that way.