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Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra - Fields & Birds and Things


This week sees the release of the 'sister' album to More Love and Death. Titled after the reworked "Fields and Birds and Things", this is a complete re-imagining: the album transported to a parallel universe where some lyrics and melodies remain, but what was minor becomes major, old favourites occupy disco landscapes, characters from the previous album have mutated and transformed to stride forth anew, and uncanny moments of resemblance and flamboyant arrangements pervade every turn.

The album had gained positive reviews from Mojo, the Word, Sunday Express, Monocle, the 405, amongst others but it is those who have been following the evolution of Johnny's music from 'trio' to 'chamber orchestra' that this record will really delight. It's another portal into the complex and melodramatic world of the Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra, with some of the best arrangements to date (Keep Kicking and Screaming, rebuild it Piece by piece) and a delicate, ambiguous balance between the dark and light, with an even greater sense of performativity than any of the previous albums, and finding Johnny in full voice and opening up many possibilities for further adventures.